Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fabian Hambüchen

 Fabian Hambüchen is a German athlete that competes in Men's Artistic Gymnastics.

Like many of the internationally competitive gymnasts, he is a little on the petite side.  It looks like little people loving.  Don't you love European athletes.  Well, technically the guy Fabian is hugging is an American, I think.  It looks like Jonathan Horton.  Jonathan Horton is kinda cute but he's 5'1" and that's about the size of my teddy bear.

Fabian isn't that much taller, TBH.  Standing at about 5'3", it's almost pedophilic to think of a guy that short as sexy.

Instead, we just have to pretend that they're at least 6 feet tall in our imagination.  That's what I do.  Harhar.

One thing about these gymnasts though is they are very limber.  I mean this photo is just such a priceless way of viewing Fabian's junk in his trunk. 

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